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Team Liquid League Of Legends Player Jensen Unveils What He Felt After Bjergsen And Doublelift Retired



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One of the best mid-laners in the League Of Legends history, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen, is a 26-year-old Danish player who has been representing Team Liquid for over two years. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the events.

During a recent interview with Inven Global, Jensen talked about their performance in League Of Legends World Championship, their goal in the next season, Bjergsen and Doublelift’s retirements, and many more.

In the conversation, Jensen revealed his feelings after learning about the retirements of Bjergsen and his former teammate Doublelift and said that it felt really weird because they still had the talent to play in the LCS at the high level.

Interviewer asked:

“What was your response when Bjergsen retired, and Dobulelift right behind him who is your recent teammate?”

Jensen responded:

“Yeah, initially it was kind of weird, for sure. But at the same time — this is pure speculation because I don’t know the reason why he retired — but I think the current schedule for a pro player isn’t very appealing. So I guess that might be why he retired.

That’s how I put it in my head for it to make sense. He definitely didn’t need to retire, he’s still a really good player, so yeah that’s the weird part. When you look at his play, you definitely don’t think he should quit, right? So it was definitely weird at first, but it makes some sense to me why he would.”

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