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Team Liquid League Of Legends Player Santorin Says Blaber Is The Best Jungler In NA Right Now



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Lucas Tao Kilmer Larsen, known as “Santorin,” is a 23-year-old Danish League Of Legends player who has been playing under Team Liquid jersey for over two months. Before that, he was playing for FlyQuest.

Santorin spoke in a recent interview with Team Liquid before their match against Cloud9 and shared his thoughts about Cloud9 player Robert “Blaber” Huang.

While Santorin was saying that Blaber would be winning if there was a race for who would be the best jungler in North America, he also mentioned that he has plenty of time to become the best jungler in NA again.

Here is what Santorin said:

“If there was a race for who would be the best jungler in NA right now between Blaber and I, I would say Blaber’s winning right now. I think Blaber’s had a better split so far, but there’s plenty of time for me to become the best again.”

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