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Team Liquid League Of Legends Player Tactical Explains Why Team SoloMid Was Afraid Of Their Twisted Fate



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Edward Ra, known as “Tactical,” is a 20-year-old American League Of Legends player who has been playing under Team Liquid jersey for almost one year. Before that, he was playing for academy rosters of Liquid and SoloMid.

After their victory against Team SoloMid, Tactical spoke in a recent interview with Inven Global and talked about how the game went for them as he explained why Team SoloMid was afraid of Jensen’s Twisted Fate.

In the conversation, Tactical mentioned that they have been working on controlling the side lanes and said that they got better at managing the side lanes because of that. Also, this is the reason why Team SoloMid was afraid of Twisted Fate and why they banned it in the first two series.

Interviewer asked:

“I felt that the difference in game 4 was primarily due to TL’s superior side wave control. Is this a style that you felt was good into TSM specifically, or do you think we will see more of it in the current meta?”

Tactical replied:

“Personally, I think we’ve gotten pretty good at playing our side lanes, so it’s just one of the ways we prefer to play. It just so happens that in this matchup against PowerOfEvil, which will essentially be a bunch of control mages, TSM could be in trouble if we picked TF.

I do think we got better at side laning. We put a lot of work into side laning this week. That’s the main reason we were able to play Twisted Fate, and the main reason TSM was scared of it.”

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