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Team Liquid League Of Legends Player Tactical Reveals The Problem Of North American Meta



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Edward Ra, known as “Tactical,” is a 20-year-old American League Of Legends player who has been playing under Team Liquid jersey for around seven months. Before that, he was playing for the academy team of the Liquid.

Tactical spoke in a recent interview with Team Liquid’s official website and revealed the problems of the North American solo queue while comparing to the Chinese solo queue.

In the conversation, Tactical stated that North American players are playing less proactive and aggressive to make plays instead of trying to have confidence and snowball properly. In this way, he showed what players should change about their game style.

Furthermore, Tactical said that Chinese players are better about these types of things and pointed out that players are way better in terms of proactivity. They are looking for the fights all the time and trying to win and carry themselves. However, this is not the case in NA, according to Tactical.

Here is what Tactical said:

“NA teams are more often than not trying to scale, basically. I realized this would not work in international events because you’ll just get ran over versus a very good team. In my opinion the best way to play League of Legends is to pressure if you can, as much as you can and try to end cleanly.

I’d say we could probably be more aggressive as a region and try to have more confidence in trying to snowball properly.”

He continued:

“China’s solo queue is way better in terms of proactivity. I feel like everyone there is trying to fight and basically win and carry by themselves but I feel like in NA that’s not as often the case.

That’s the biggest difference I’ve noticed between NA and other region’s solo queues. NA players are not as proactive.”

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