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Team Liquid PUBG Player Jeemzz: “This Feature Is Not Belong In Competitive PUBG”



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One of the greatest players in the battle royale games, Jim “Jeemzz” Eliassen is a 23-year-old Norwegian PUBG player who has been playing for Team Liquid since January 2018. In his career, he earned over $200.000 from the events.

A few days ago, Jeemzz said that level 3 vests are not good for competitive PUBG and they should have removed this feature.

Here is what Jeemzz wrote:

“We should really push for no level 3 vests in competitive PUBG, that way we eliminate more RNG. You hate to see it when someone survives with 1 hp after u shot him 5 times because he has a level 3 vest”

Famous content creator WackyJacky replied:

“I can totally understand the reasoning for this, but I think it’s also interesting to ask when you draw the line when it comes to eliminating RNG. PUBG is at its core RNG and stuff like this would just further distance pro games from casual games(what the viewers play)”

Another player Wookiebookie replied:

“We draw the line at vest/helmet and vehicle spawns. We already managed to push through on 2/3, so only vests are left.”

You can check his tweet below.

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