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Team Liquid Shocks Everyone For Kicking MATUMBAMAN From Dota2 Squad – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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Lasse Urpalainen, known as “MATUMBAMAN” had player for Team Liquid since 2015. After all these years, Team Liquid announced that they will not continue with MATUMBAMAN anymore. This blast news has spread all around in short period of time and everybody was shocked.

CEO of Team Liquid Victor “Nazgul” Goossens said:

“Matu has been with Liquid for 3.5 years and has been a key part of our legendary TI winning roster that stayed together in its entirety for nearly 2.5 years. Truly remarkable and we are forever grateful for the role he played in the success of our team. Thank you for everything.”

Analyst Sheever said:

“End of an era for sure”

Former player/Analyst TobiWan said:

“I am in shock about @LiquidMATUMBA I feel so much for him, being this close to The International….chance of playing/finding a new team in time that can qualify would be low.”

Manager of Forward Gaming KBBQ said:

“one of many lessons learned from pro players these last 2 years: it is really, really hard to find core players who can embrace a sacrificial role while still being able to take over games when called upon. @LiquidMATUMBA is a rare talent, cant wait to see whats next for all”

Alliance player iNsan1a said:

“I have no words, is today April first?”

Founder of Beyond The Summit David Parker said:

“An end to a glorious era for Team Liquid as the longest standing dota 2 roster makes a change. Excited to see what’s next for both Matu and Team Liquid.”

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