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Team Liquid Valorant Player Jamppi: “I’m Not Thinking About Counter-Strike At All”



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Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is a 19-year-old Finnish former CS:GO player who is considered as the wunderkind of the CS:GO scene. And finally, in April 2020, the Finnish organization ENCE signed the young prodigy.

However, there was a problem with his CS:GO future. Jamppi received a VAC band when he was a child, and this band chased him down even after he joined one of the biggest organizations in the world.

Valve forbid Jamppi to attend the Valve-sponsored events such as majors, which are the biggest tournaments on the scene. Although Jamppi sue Valve to be able to play in the tournaments, the lawsuit didn’t end up in favor of the Finnish player.

When Jamppi Switched To Valorant?

After getting the devastating news, Jamppi released a new video on his official Twitter account and announced that he will be competing and grinding in Valorant from now, which was shocking news for the CS:GO community.

Jamppi spent one month in Valorant to sign a contract with an organization. In February, Team Liquid has become the one who decided to add Jamppi to their roster, and they become one of the strongest teams in Europe.

Valve, on the other hand, realized that they have made a mistake about their treatment of the players and has made a new announcement about the VAC banned players, which allowed the way Jamppi’s return.

Following the update from Valve, both Valorant and CS:GO communities were wondering what will Jamppi do. After a short period, the young prodigy announced that he won’t be returning back to CS:GO.

Jamppi Confirms That He Will Play Valorant From Now

Although Jamppi stated that he will pursue on competing in Valorant, there were lots of people who hoped that he will return CS:GO. However, Jamppi confirmed once again that he won’t be returning back to Counter-Strike during a recent interview with Upcomer.

In the conversation, Jamppi was asked if he wants to go back to CS:GO in the future after the new update allows him to compete in the Valve-sponsored events, but Jamppi mentioned that he doesn’t even think about Counter-Strike at all.

Furthermore, Jamppi said that he wants to win everything he is currently playing and pointed out that he wants to win the biggest tournament in the Valorant scene right now, VCT: Masters – Reykjavík, alongside the other tournaments with Team Liquid.

Interviewer Yinsu Collins asked (transcripted by Gaimer):

“I have to ask you because obviously we saw the great news recently that you were unbanned from Valve major events. I know I saw you tweet, you must be feeling really relieved about that. But also I’m sure you have noticed that a lot of people are kinda questioning your future and what would you like to do in terms of Valorant and CS:GO.

So do you plan to stay in Valorant long-term or maybe do you see in the future you would go back to Counter-Strike, now you can play the majors?”

Jamppi replied:

“Obviously, I can not break the future what I’m doing, but as this far now, I’m %100 committed to Valorant. I want to win everything I’m currently playing and I’m not thinking about Counter-Strike at all.

So, I’m fully committed to this. Hopefully, we can win Iceland and many more tournaments.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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