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Team Liquid Valorant Player ScreaM Explains Why He Was Underperforming In CS:GO



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Adil Benrlitom, known as “ScreaM,” is a 26-year-old Belgian former CS:GO player who had played for teams like G2 Esports, Team Envy, Team Kinguin, and many more. Right now, he has been playing Valorant for Team Liquid.

ScreaM spoke in the recent interview with, ScreaM revealed his opinion about why he was not performing at the top level consistently.

In the conversation, ScreaM stated that he was always taking the bad positions in the game and it felt like he needed to sacrifice himself. He said that he couldn’t show his full potential due to the playing in the bad positions and that’s why he was underperforming in his career.

Here is what ScreaM said:

“I think the only regret I have is that, at some point in my career, I doubted my game style. I tried to change to make people happy, to play in a different way. That changed a lot of things for me. At some point, I got lost, had to re-do everything, it took a lot of time.

Now, I don’t have this problem anymore. I’ve grown, when I was younger I was a little more emotional, I trusted people a lot, you know? For me, my teammates were like my friends, but that is not the case. People are not your friends in this game, they are just here to work, to compete, to be the best.”

He continued:

“It was also my fault. It’s hard to say to the team, ‘Listen, guys, I need to be free, I need to have my positions, I need to be in good positions so I can be the best in these positions’. In my teams, I always had other good players, and these players were taking these positions, while I was taking bad ones, ones where I felt I had to sacrifice myself, where I was not playing to my full potential. I feel like I never played to my full potential.”

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