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Team Liquid Wins ESL One: Cologne – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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In 2019, Team Liquid CS:GO team claimed the #1 spot in the world. After that success, improvement never stopped. Their journey continued to ESL One: Cologne. In the semi-finals, they beat Natus Vincere with 2-0 and in the finals, they met the underdogs: Team Vitality. Even though they lost Dust2 with 17-19, they secured Overpass, Inferno and Mirage and also claimed the $125,000.

Here is the Team Liquid players reaction.

Stewie2k said:

“CHAMPIONS OF ESL ONE COLOGNE 2019. A fucking era has begun. Now I feel we have solidified being the best team in the world. This team is a championship team regardless what anyone says”

twistzz said:

“Tears of joy. We win @ESL cologne and the intel Grand Slam. I love my team.”

nitr0 said:

“Damn man what a journey it’s been under @TeamLiquid. I cannot believe this. I love all my teammates to death and I’m so proud of all of them. Thanks everyone”

NAF said:

“Can’t believe it..”

EliGE said:

“WOOOOOO SO PROUD OF THIS TEAM. everyone has been playing AMAZING.”

Here is the community’s reaction to finals

Team Vitality player apEX said:

“BOT apEX. Never felt that shit in my life. Sorry to all our fans during this event. And congratz to @TeamLiquid! They deserve that win and the IGS so much. Thanks to all the fans”

Team North player Valde said:

“Congratulations @TeamLiquid Amazing to see how the team has developed over time with the right people all coming together as one and creating something special. One can only envy your journey and applaud it. Enjoy the moment”

Analyst Thorin said:

“Welcome the first ever Greatest Team of All Time CS:GO candidate team from NA.”

MIBR coach zews said:

“I wish you all my most sincere love. You achieved this dream because you worked so much for it. BEST IN THE FUCKING WORLD. OWN IT WITH PRIDE”

Team Liquid Fortnite player Vivid to CS:GO team:

“Well played and congrats. So fun to watch!”

MIBR player FalleN said:

“Brilliant @TeamLiquid! Congratz on winning ESL One Cologne 2019 and the Grand Slam. There is no easy path. Incredible level and resilience to get to this point. Don’t forget how many times they failed before to get here, today and achieve what most all only can dream of.”

Hellraisers player Oskar said:

“Congratz to @TeamLiquid very well deserved, both cologne trophy and the grand slam!”

Former Cloud9 player RUSH said:

“Incredible. From being a meme as the team that “chokes” to winning 3 events back to back and the $1M from the intel grand slam. Liquid is truly the best team in the world and the best NA team of all time.”

Team Vitality player NBK said:

“Absolutely outclassed this bo5. Congrats Team Liquid for all your new achievements! Thank you for cheering constantly despite the average final, we will show better things and lift big trophies in the future. GGWP and see you soon”

FaZe Clan coach YNk said:

“Congrats to Team Liquid on winning ESL One Cologne and the 2nd edition of the Intel Grand Slam, best in the world without a doubt! Happy for you @Stewie, your intensity and hard work is among the very top and you’ve truly earned this moment!”

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