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Team Liquid Wins Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2019 – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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IEM Sydney 2019 started on 30th April. The tournament had teams like FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Ninjas In Pyjamas, MIBR and more… Team Liquid path to the victory in the group was through the BIG, Ninjas In Pyjamas with 2-0. In the Semifinals, they pass the Brazilian team MIBR with 2-0 and they managed secure grand final. Fnatic on the other hand, they won against NIP and NRG Esports with 2-1 scores. In the grand final, both teams gave their best to win the tournament. Fnatic won map one: Cache with 16-10 score. Team Liquid was striking back on the followed maps: Overpass 16-14, Mirage 16-8 and Fnatic woke up on Dust 2. They managed to win with 16-6. On the final map; Inferno, Team Liquid looked strong against Fnatic and secured the first place and 100.000$ with 16-9.

After the Liquid’s success, many professional player and casters shared their opinion and also they congratulated Liquid as well.

Fnatic player’s JW said:

“We are just not ready yet. Well deserved Liquid. Time to go home and grind even harder”


“Ggwp @TeamLiquid lost to a good team today. Alot of mistakes were made but thats the game. Thanks having us”


“Lost 3-2 @TeamLiquid no words Ggwp and congrats again @TeamLiquid

FaZe Clan’s Coach YNk said:

“Congrats to Liquid on the trophy and my boy @Stewie, well deserved!”

Mousesports In-game leader Karrigan said:

“Congrats to @TeamLiquid well deserved”

NRG Player Daps:

“Grats @EliGE @Stewie @NAFFLY @Twistzz @nitr0 @adreN_Hoag on the win, 100% deserved!”

Team Ghost’s player Freakazoid can’t wait for the match between Liquid and Astralis:

“Can’t wait to see @astralisgg and @TeamLiquid play now… holyyyyy shit”

CEO and Founder of Team Liquid Victor Goossens said:

“What an astounding final to win our first major stadium event. Congrats @EliGE @nitr0 @NAFFLY @Stewie @Twistzz @adreN_Hoag @jokasteve! Top blokes. Best birthday present. We did it”

Astralis player Magisk:

“Congratz Liquid, finally you got it! Cya all in Madrid soon. Also great Tournament from FNC, it hurts Today and Tomorrow but it was a great run indeed!”

NIP Player REZ said:

“Deserved @TeamLiquid . Congratz!”

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