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Team Liquid’s Average Jonas Shows An 200 IQ Recon Dart In Valorant



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One of the most intelligent minds in the Valorant scene who is known for his brilliant Sova plays, Average Jonas, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and impressed his followers once again.

In the post, Jonas shared a clip from his recent stream and showed how to open the teleport as a defender with a recon dart on Bind map. He was standing still in the exit of the lamps and threw a dart that went in to the teleport next to the B bombside.

Furthermore, Jonas mentioned that this arrow could be used as a support utility for your duelist agents who will most likely pushing more than you as a Sova player. With this video, Jonas earned the respect of the community once again.

Here is what Average Jonas wrote:

“How to open showers Teleport as defender using recon dart! 🙂 It can also be used as a supporting arrow for one of your duelists as they are more likely to push than you!”

You can check out the post below.

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