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Team Liquid’s CS:GO Player EliEGE Thinks Vertigo Should Be Reworked



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Jonathan Jablonowski, known as “EliGE” is 21 year old American CS:GO player. He is playing for Team Liquid since 2015 and EliGE finally joined the players that who hates Vertigo. On 12 May, he tweeted that A bombsite on Vertigo should be overhauled.

EliGE said:

“A bombsite on vertigo needs a complete overhaul or we are just gonna see retake A every round since it’s impossible to do anything vs the smoke wall”

CS:GO Mastermind DonHaci replied:

“It was somehow okay-ish before the most recent map update where they changed T-spawn, the update pushed the terrorist spawns about ~2.5 seconds closer to the A-site, you could at least as CTs peek down ramp or go to sandbags before the Ts got past below elevator to forklift.”

EliGE said:

“even then, the sandbags doesn’t do anything. Ts can nade it out, molly it out. the problem is the site isn’t designed well so there’s no options”

Analyst dusT replied and ask for any problems EliGE has on Vertigo:

“What do you think about elsewhere? Seems like B approach for T’s is awkward overall and impossible early round. Also no real map control with mid really? CT’s seem to dominate mid easily? Only seen a few games though. So not sure.”

EliGE replied:

“mid will be important but A is just so easy it doesnt matter. B has potential, think it just needs a few things moved around to give CTs better angles / options as well but more complete than A”


“Just feel T’s get locked out of B so easy with the one stairwell that is easily fired off, esp early round. Seems that is another factor in why A gets used so much outside of the biggest factor which is it being so easy to take.”


“B is pretty hard actually as a CT. While map is hard for CT cuz you can’t play anywhere but it’s easy to get up the stairwell so not a big issue”


“I mean you can pretty easily molly off stairs before T’s can get up on B if you jump the red gap no?”


“You can molly off the stairs but you can just go up them afterwards. Only a couple seconds and CTs have no angle to hold them from coming up”D


“I mean there are lots of things to use for cover and jiggle from, lot’s of spots T’s have to clear. Or at least that’s how it felt in some of the games I saw where B actually got attacked. But I am not sure. Not sure what yall are seeing in prac.”

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