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Team Liquid’s EliGE: “North American Players Not Going To Get A Lot Better”



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Jonathan Jablonowski, known as “EliGE,” is a 24-year-old American CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Liquid since 2015. In his career, he earned around $1.000.000 from the tournaments.

EliGE and Team Liquid have been playing in Europe even though they are a North American team following the coronavirus pandemic because all the tournaments have been happening in that region.

During the press conference of ESL Pro League Season 14, EliGE talked about why they have been playing from Europe instead of North America while slamming the NA Counter-Strike scene and players.

In the conversation, EliGE pointed out that it is really hard for them to practice and play scrims in North America because there are lots of bad players in there. Also, EliGE mentioned that they are not going to get better in a short period.

Furthermore, the 24-year-old rifler touched upon the fact that the only way to get better in Counter-Strike is to play against European teams, which comes with their own difficulties probably such as travels times, being far from home, and more.

EliGE compares NA and Europe:

“It makes it really tough to just practice in NA a lot, because a lot of the players are bad, and they’re not going to get a lot better for a long time. Pretty much the only way to get better right now is to come to EU to play against these teams and that comes with its own difficulties.”

Later in the interview, another player from Team Liquid, Michael “Grim” Wince, also mentioned that he improved himself a lot while playing against the European teams because even the practices are much better compared to the North America.

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