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Team Liquid’s EliGE: “Valorant Is Underrated Within The CS:GO Scene”



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Team Liquid’s 23-year-old American superstar Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski spoke in a recent interview with Rivalry CS:GO and talked about how the Counter-Strike scene sees the Valorant.

As you might recall, Riot Games released their first FPS game Valorant last year, and it becomes so popular in a short period. Furthermore, the esports scene immediately adapted to this new game.

The gunplay of Valorant is so similar to CS:GO, but movements are a bit different. The graphics are looking like cartoons such as Team Fortress 2, and also, there are lots of agents in the game that could use lots of unique abilities.

Because of that, most of the players in the CS:GO scene criticized Valorant for not only being a copycat of Counter-Strike, but yet being worse than CS:GO. However, this actually wasn’t the case.

In the conversation, EliGE mentioned that Valorant is an underrated game in the CS:GO scene because the gaming community immediately compared it with Counter-Strike, and people saw Valorant as a competitor of CS:GO.

While EliGE was explaining why Valorant is underrated in the CS:GO scene, he also revealed his thoughts about Riot Games’ FPS game. According to EliGE, it is a really good, fun, and a solid game.

Here is what EliGE said:

“I think within the CS scene, I’m going to say Valorant is underrated. I think that a lot of people just want to immediately attack it because it’s the CS competitor, and cartoon game, stuff like that. They just want to immediately attack it.

But, its a good game. I like playing it for fun. It’s definitely very different from me being if I wanted to choose it to be my life. I love Counter-Strike and I wanted to be playing Counter-Strike as long as I can.

But it’s a really solid game. I think that its only going to get better from what it is at right now.”

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