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Team Liquid’s FalleN Details His In-Game Leading Style



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Gabriel Toledo, known as “FalleN,” is a 30-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been playing under Team Liquid jersey for over nine months. Previously, he was playing for MIBR and Luminosity Gaming.

During a recent Team Liquid video on the organization’s YouTube channel, the players responded to the community questions, and one of the questions was about FalleN and his leading style to the team.

In the video, FalleN pointed out that his in-game leading style didn’t change as much in time and pointed out that he wants everybody on the team to be on the same page about how they want to play the game.

Furthermore, the Brazilian AWP player mentioned that he usually shares his responsibilities within the team and said that he doesn’t actually like the player who is the only shot caller of the roster.

In addition to that, FalleN stated that he would like to prepare the team for what they are going to do before the match and agree on what they all going to do. As FalleN repeated once again, he has been leading the teams with this style for a while.

FalleN when asked about his in-game leading in years:

“I don’t think my IGL style changed that much throughout the years. I’m a guy who likes to make sure the team is on the same page on ideas, on my answers for what others doing during a match.

I like to share responsibilities, so I don’t like to be the guy, only voice in the team, trying to set up everything. Even though I know most of the time we are going to do lots of talks, I would like to prepare the team for what they actually do in the match.”

You can check out the video below.

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