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Team Liquid’s Rainbow Six Siege Player Announces His Retirement



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Leo Duarte, known as “ziGueira” is 30 year old Brazilian player. He had been playing for Team Liquid since 2018 January. On 6 May, ziG announced his retirement.

ziGueira tweeted after the match between INTZ:

“This was my last match, I just have to thank God for everything in my life, now a new stage. Thank you and especially my companions…”

Community loves ziGueira and respect him for sure. Professional players like Pengu, sha77e also unhappy after this new.

Mousesports player Ville “SHA77E” Palolasaid said:

“All the best to you and your future my friend. I have always looked up on you and it has been a pleasure to play against you and to get to know you, big respect”

G2 Player Pengu said:

“You will always be a champion Zig, in and outside of the game, if you ever doubt yourself, just remember you are one of five people who beat G2 in a final. I am extremely honored to be a part of the same documentary as you, and for your story to be told as it did S2″

EG Player Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski replied:

“Thanks for all you have done for the game we all love. Without a doubt one of the most professional, respectful, and passionate players out there. You will be missed and honestly, I’m a little sad we never got an official match vs each other. Best of luck in the future”

Another G2 Esports player Fabian said:

“Sad to see you go @canalzigueira. Good opponent in the game aswell as a good person out of it. Hope you and your wife get a lot more quality time together that our line of work doesn’t normally allow us to have. Good luck, whatever your future holds you will always be a champion!”

You can check the tweets below.

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