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Team Liquid’s ScreaM Will Return To Play Jett And Reyna More



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Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom is a 26-year-old Belgian former CS:GO player who made a name for himself as ‘Headshot Machine’ due to his precise one-taps. He started to play at the top level with VeryGames in 2013, then joined Team Titan in the next year.

ScreaM had played for the top-tier French teams like G2 Esports and Team Envy, he also joined one of the first international CS:GO rosters, Team Kinguin. Even though ScreaM had an incredible talent, he couldn’t shine as the other players did.

In the end, he was considered as the problem for the roster to perform, and he was cut out from the team. For the past three years, he was grinding outside the official matches by playing FPL and pugs.

Why ScreaM Was Underperforming In CS:GO?

As we said earlier, ScreaM made a name for himself because of his insane headshots. In fact, he was considered the best aimer in the game back in those days. Unfortunately, ScreaM couldn’t show up as tremendous performances as the other star players.

In August 2020, ScreaM decided to retire from the CS:GO scene and announced his transition to Valorant. As he made such an announcement, he also explained why he couldn’t live up to the expectations.

The Belgian superstar mentioned that he tried to make people happy when he was younger and changed his in-game roles. According to ScreaM, he let his teammates play in better positions in-game just because he was a humble person.

While ScreaM was saying that he sacrificed a lot for his team, he also pointed out that he couldn’t perform and deliver the results because of that. To the Belgian player, he wasn’t playing with his full potential.

Jamppi’s Addition Changes The Agent Pool Of ScreaM

After joining Team Liquid Valorant roster in August 2020, ScreaM showed to the whole world that he is still one of the best aimers if not the best. In the tournaments, he always turned heads with his incredible talent.

During this period, he mostly played with such duelist agents like Jett and Reyna, which also helped him to frag better. However, ScreaM couldn’t make his team to win tournaments by himself. Therefore, Team Liquid decided to add the young prodigy Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen to the roster.

Jamppi was playing AWP in CS:GO before retiring, and it was expected to see him play Jett, who is the most related agent with Operator in the game. This means that ScreaM had to give up one of the agents he played a lot.

ScreaM showed how a humble person he is once again by giving away the Jett. Later on, ScreaM had played with Jett for few times, but mostly, he played with Sage and Phoenix in the tournaments.

Even though ScreaM performed well in those matches, he had few games that you could see he couldn’t get used to these agents. Nevertheless, ScreaM could bring the headshots for his team and help them to reach out to VCT Masters Reykjavík.

In the tournament, Team Liquid eliminated in the lower bracket round 4, and ScreaM was the second-best player in the tournament behind Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Also, he had the highest headshot rate.

ScreaM Will Return To Play Jett And Reyna

After getting eliminated from VCT Masters Reykjavík, ScreaM took his official Twitter account to share his feelings about the tournament. In one of these posts, ScreaM mentioned that he is so happy to bring such performance even though he was playing his main agents.

In fact, ScreaM revealed that he never gets along with Phoenix and isn’t considering playing him in the future. Then, the Headshot Machine said that people should expect to see more Jett and Reyna from him in the future.

By having more playtime with Jett and Reyna, ScreaM could bring more impact to Team liquid. However, this could also mean that his teammates need to perform better with the other agents, which could cause problems in the roster in the future. But, if they could pull this transition of, Team Liquid could easily play for becoming the best team in the world.

Here is what ScreaM said:

Played Sage on 7 maps, im proud to have these kind of stats considering im not playing any of my main agents Also this was the last time I played Pheonix, never got along with that agent. Expect the Jett and Reyna back. See you at Masters 3 and GG’s NA on top for this time.”

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