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Team North Announces CS:GO Roster Changes With A Special Video



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Torbjørn Nyborg, known as “mithR,” is a 30-year-old Danish CS:GO coach who had been working for North since February 2019. Before that, he had coached for teams like Tricked Esports, ALTERNATE aTTaX and more.

A few days ago, Team North announced that they part ways with their long-time coach mithR with a heartbreaking video.

Here is the announcement from North:

“To our fallen brothers and sisters – We salute you Torbjørn


Nyborg, thank you for all your dedication and hard work over the last year! You are truly one of a kind and we wish you the best of luck on your continuing journey. Oorah warrior! #HearTheRoar”

mithR wrote this:

“I’m passionate. Hard working. Loving the game and working with talent. I believe in creating a team environment where the individual can perform at its own highest level. I’m open for all kind of offers. My DM is open!”

You can read the tweets below.

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