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Team North Announces New CS:GO Member



Jimmy Berndtsson, known as “Jumpy,” is a 33-year-old Swedish CS:GO coach who was working for Fnatic in between 2016-2019. In his career with Fnatic, he led his team to win PLG Grand Slam 2018, World Electronic Sports Games 2017 and more.

A few days ago, Team North has announced that they part ways with their coach Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg. Later on, they announced their new coach, Jumpy.

Here is what Jumpy said:

“Happy to be back in the game after being gone for a few months. I’ve had alot of time to reflect on my coaching and how I can do it better. I’m looking forward to work with this team under @TheNorthIsHere.”

Fnatic player Golden replied:

“Good luck Jimmy!”

Former Fnatic player Olofmeister wrote this:

“Good luck!”

You can check the tweet below.