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Team North Announces New Partnership With A Special Video



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Team North is a Danish-based Esport organization that has been competing for games like CS:GO, Fifa and Apex Legends. On 23 August, they announced their brand new partnership with Sennheiser.

Sennheiser said:

“Welcome to the Sennheiser Gaming Family @TheNorthIsHere and good luck for the #BerlinMajor”

Jonas Gundersen, who is Chief Commercial Officer at North said:

“With decades of experience, Sennheiser was the obvious choice for us as an audio partner. The sound aspect in esport is key to performing at the highest level. Sennheiser has always been heavily invested into gaming, providing world class products. We are excited for the future together.”

CS:GO player valde said:

“Awesome to be a part of the Sennheiser family”

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