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Team North CS:GO Coach mithR Wants These Map Changes



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Danish CS:GO coach Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg has been coaching for Team North since February 2019. During the Starladder interview, mithR said that he wants Cobblestone back and also he thinks Vertigo should have removed.

Starladder asked:

“You are one of the few teams who are yet to play an official match on Vertigo. What is the reason for that? It does not fit your playstyle?”

mithR replied:

“I mean, we’ve played and practised Vertigo. None of us really like the map, but we can play it. Having Vertigo in our map pool is definitely a strength for us because then we have the seventh map that we can always pick if we know that our opponent is not playing it.”

Also, mithR added:

“I think my biggest wish would be to remove Vertigo and bring back Cobblestone. I think that Cobblestone has always been the map of my liking. Some of the recent changes to the map are actually pretty good because you can see that B long is easier to work with as T. I also think there are some other changes as well on the map that might be really beneficial from the viewer perspective. I would prefer Cobblestone to come back to the map pool instead of Vertigo.”

You can read full interview from here.


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