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Team North CS:GO Player Kjaerbye Reveals Why He Left The Astralis



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Markus Kjærbye, known as “Kjaerbye” is a 21-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing Team North since February 2018. Before that, he was playing for Astralis. In his career, he earned over $500.000 from the tournaments that he attended.

On 17 December, during the interview with the, he revealed why he left the Astralis and mentioned his childhood wishes.

“You’ve been in really great form, personally, even when the team has struggled. Is that at least a bit of consolation for you?”

Kjaerbye said:

“I’ve learned that only team results matter to me. A lot of things happened in my career, back in Astralis we had role clashes and I had been an entryfragger my whole career up to that point, so I didn’t believe I could be a lurker. This year, when things weren’t going well, I decided that I wanted to try and learn something new because that’s what the team needed me to do when valde moved to the leading role, and I really ended up loving it. I don’t mind what role I play, but if I can be an aggressive lurker, or play aggressively on the CT sides, that’s where I think I can have the most impact. I’m happy that I can play any role, I’ve developed more as a player and now I like learning new things.”

“You touched a bit on your time in Astralis and the role clashes. You tweeted at some point about letting early success get to your head. How has that experience shaped you?”


“It has shaped me not just as a player, but also as a person, and I believe I have matured a lot. When I was younger I wanted to be a leader and have more impact, but looking back I was just a kid. I felt happy with the people in Astralis and my life there, I’m not sure why I was in such a rush, to be honest. I looked at myself in third person, not looking at feelings or emotions, just to do what was going to be best for my career, and at the time I believed it was going to be in North because we were struggling and I didn’t know if I could be a lurker. Looking back there have been huge downs and a few ups along the way, I’ve always been a very sensitive guy that needs to stay true to his feelings, but I’ve learned the hard way on my own because nobody had any impact on my decisions.”

He added:

“It was the road I chose, the hard road, because I put too much responsibility on myself, but as I’m slowly getting older and more experienced I feel more well-rounded and calmer as a person. I now take things a bit slower, I think more, and you can maybe also see that in the game. I may not be there yet and I want to keep learning, but I really hope to stay with North because the organization has been really good lately, there have been a lot of improvements. We just need to take it many steps up as a team. Now we’re going to go on vacation, then I’ll come home to renegotiate my contract with the organization, where I’ve been for two years, and I really hope I can stay. I really believe in this team and my future here.”

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