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Team North Declares War Against Toxicity



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North’s brave statement after increasing abusive, frustrating and toxic interactions from viewers and toxic users, receives support from many teams and players such as Hellraisers’s CS:GO player Woxic,Team Vitality’s NBK, Team Liquid and G2 Esports. In their official twitter account, North has pointed out about how to stop toxicity permanently. To take an attention, Team North going to be adding #stoptoxicity hashtag on their jerseys for the 3 months.

According to Team North’s statement:

We pledge to become the change we want to see, by:

  • Removing toxic comments in our social feeds when we have the ability to do so
  • Reporting toxic members of our community to the relevant services, platforms and authorities if need be
  • Banning toxic members of our community, so they are not able to follow us or see our content”

You can check the tweets and replies about toxicity messages below.

Click here to full statement of Team North.

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