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Team Reciprocity Player Snip3down Roasts The Apex Legends For Bizarre Reason



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Eric Wrona, known as “Snip3down” is a 28-year-old Halo and Apex Legends player who has been representing Team Reciprocity since 2017. On 6 November, after new patch notes for the Apex Legends came up, he roasted the game.

Snip3down said:

“I am so confused with these Apex patch notes, can someone explain why they would make the peacekeeper STRONGER .. AGAIN! I am already getting hit for 150 by sniperbob now it’s even more OP.”

He added:

“@GH057ayame @shahin Was this an actual complaint people were having? I didn’t think it needed a buff going into the season in the first place”

You can check his tweets below.

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