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Team Reciprocity PUBG Player Scoom Explains Why PUBG Disappointed Him



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Keiron Prescott, known as “Scoom” is a 27-year-old British PUBG player who had played for teams like The Reckoning and Team Liquid. In October 2018, he joined Team Reciprocity and he is still playing for them. On 15 September, Scoom said that PUBG disappointed him because of the skin choices that they give to the Team SoloMid player Gary “BreaK” Marshall.

Scoom said:

“Disappointing…. This man deserves a Scar-L or M4 skin The fact that these weapon choices were given to him… after being one of the main content creators/player/supporter for PUBG since the bloody start.. this is what they give him. Dno if it was @Twitch or @PUBG but smh”

You can check his tweet below.

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