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Team Reciprocity PUBG Player Scoom Wants This Simple Feature In The Game – Will PUBG Make It Work?



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27-year-old player Keiron Prescott, known as “Scoom” is playing for Team Reciprocity since 2018. Before that, he had played for Team Liquid and The Reckoning. On 1 July, Scoom replied to Community Manager of PUBG’s video about the nades and he reveals the feature that necessary in PUBG.

Community Manager of PUBG hawkinz shared a video and said:

“This is why you stockpile smokes for the late game. Learn from the best:”

Team Vitality PUBG analysts Hayz replied to hawkinz‘s tweet:

“Well, if throwables didn’t fill your slot without you asking it to, there wouldnt be any issues”

Scoom said:

“If i have keybind 5 as my smoke, and G as my nade, I don’t want it to go to the next available utility when one runs out. I want to press the actual keybind for it.”

He added:

“don’t get me wrong, I kinda always pay attention to my smokes, if I have 5 and keep count, but there some situations in hectic moments where you might have thrown one, then throw a couple to realise you ran out and had thrown a nade on the 5th, that shouldnt ever happen. let me press G before auto swapping, there should be an option maybe on the settings for players to have manual go on slot or auto imo.”

Hayz replied:

“That would be a nice little option in the settings. Utility auto-fill: On/Off”

hawkinz said:

“Got it, thanks guys. We will look into this a bit more and make a suggestion to the team.”

You can check the tweets below.

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