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Team Reciprocity Rainbow Six Siege Player FoxA Shares His Opinion About The New Changes



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Davide Bucci, known as “FoxA,” is a 22-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege player who was playing for Cloud9 in between 2018-2019. In January 2019, he joined Team Reciprocity and he has been representing their jersey since then.

A few days ago, Ubisoft made a huge update in the game and changed the utilities of the operators. After this update, FoxA stated that Ying feels so weird and this could be overpowered.

Here is what FoxA wrote:

“Ying with nades just seems too clunky and weird. Gives her too much utility in my opinion.”

A fan named Arch asked:

“Would you recommend reverting or just changing to something else? if so which ?”

FoxA replied:

“I think they should revert the nades and just give her a gun she can use even when flashes arnt being used. Her primary options are not that great”

You can read his tweets below.

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