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Team Reciprocity Rainbow Six Siege Player Nyx Explains Why He Is So Glad



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Zachary Thomas, known as “Nyx,” is an American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Team Reciprocity for over two months. Before that, he was playing for DarkZero Esports and SK Gaming.

On 9th January 2020, after their match against DarkZero Esports, he said that he is so proud of his teammates and also his cousin, DarkZero Esports player Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens.

Nyx said:

“Great game to @DarkZeroGG, obviously this game had a story line to it and both teams didn’t get the result they wanted. But I am extremely proud of my teammates and I am glad to see my cousin  @HotancoldDZ play well. We will take this and learn from it like always. SSG on Monday”

A fan named Brad Stockholm replied:

“We still miss you though Nyx. You played exceptionally well. Well enough in fact you made me miss ya! GGs”

You can check his tweet below.

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