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Team Secret Coach Helbee Reveals The Problem That He Has With Rainbow Six Siege



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Louis “Helbee” Bureau is a former Rainbow Six Siege player who was recently playing for Vertical Gaming between August 2017 and October 2017. After that, he started his career as a coach with i don’t know and currently, he has been working for the Team Secret since August 2018.

On 30 December 2019, he replied to an analyst, Fresh, and said that he has a problem with the Ranked mode in the game.

Fresh said:

“What’s really interesting about today’s debate is that: Casual community dont like ranked More competitive (but not pro’s) dont like ranked either Pro’s dont like ranked either and dont play the game outside of scrims. They pretty much just play Tarkov or Minecraft”

Helbee replied:

“My problem with ranked isn’t the game mode itself. It’s the people that plays it. It took a very long time to make ranked more competitive in ruleset and map pool and now everyone plays with bad habits that are hard to kill. Outside of 5 stacking, it’s an abysmal experience”

Fresh replied:

“I noticed this, I duo Q’d the other day on a gold smurf that I have that I keep low so I can play with other friends who don’t always play etc. Duo Q Gold 3 is horrendous, default stuff just isn’t set up as you’d expect in mid-high plat lol”

Helbee said:

“Mid-high plat people don’t bother clearing the map. It requires a minimal amount of effort, yet no one does it. People go straight for hatch and leave flank open. They surprise pikachu face when they die”

Fresh said:

“You wouldn’t believe how much this still happens even on Oregon lol. Oregon Laundry attack is such a simple clear/flank hold if you’re going for lobby hatch and to attack laundry and people don’t bother going from the west side first.”


“A part of my soul dies every time.”

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