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Team Secret Rainbow Six Siege Coach Helbee Is Devastated After His Huge Loss



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26-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege coach Louis Bureau, known as “Helbee,” has been coaching for Team Secret since August 2018. In 2019, he led his team to earn a $90.000 prize pool from the events.

A few days ago, Helbee shared a picture of his cat on his official Twitter account and stated that he lost his cat. He also felt devastated for not being his side when his cat passed away.

Here is what Helbee wrote:

“My parents just told me that our cat died this weekend.

Thx for the 16 years buddy, sorry I couldn’t be there at the end.”

Team GamerLegion coach Mr.Officer replied:

“I’m so sorry to hear. It’s super hard when you lose a pet. It’s a family basically. Rest in peace little one ❤”

Well-known commentator Velly replied:

“Sorry about your loss man. RIP my lil fluffy homie Loudly”

You can check his tweet below.

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