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Team Secret Rainbow Six Siege Coach Helbee Mocks With This Map



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Louis Bureau, known as “Helbee” is a 26-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege coach who has been working with Team Secret for over one year. On 26 October, he mocked with one of the most frustrating maps in Rainbow Six Siege: Outback.

Helbee said:

“Instead of playing Outback, can we just have a screen that flips a coin and the winner takes the elo? That way everyone would waste less time for the same result. Thank yo”

Head Coach of Giants Gaming, Crapelle replied:

“Outback is a good map”

Helbee replied:

“As long as you are on defense it’s a good map”

Crapelle said:

“idk the maps feels balanced, wanna see how it goes in scrims/competitive if it ever comes to comp”

Helbee said:

“I can never get in the building because it’s only windows with 100 angles looking at you”


“all i can read is “i’m bad” tho”


“1v1 me scrub”

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