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Team Secret Rainbow Six Siege Coach Helbee Says The Sounds Are In The Worst State



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Louis Bureau, known as “Helbee,” is a 26-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege coach who has been working for Team Secret since August 2018. Before that, he was coaching for “i don’t know.”

Helbee has shared a video on his official Twitter account and revealed a clip from his stream while he was playing the game. In the caption of the video, he stated that the game is in the worst state about sound issues.

Here is what Helbee said:

“So I can hear the Zofia dying but not the Jager shooting? There is currently a lot of sounds that get lost in the void right now. Sounds propagation feels a lot worst since this patch”

A fan named Gilbert added this comment:

“I don’t open floorboards anymore because it makes enemies sound like they r literally on top of you when they r somewhere below. I never know if they are flanking”

Helbee replied:

“I’ve noticed that too. It’s almost impossible to know if someone is above or below you. It all sounds on the same level as you :I”

A fan user named MetalDragon replied:

“I had a couple of games last season where I could hear my teammates fire from across the map but could not hear the enemy right next to me shoot at me at all. All enemy sounds were non-existent.”

You can check the tweets below.

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