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Team SoloMid Adds A New Member For Apex Legends



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Tanner Roach, known as “TannerSlays” is a streamer that playing Call Of Duty, PUBG and many more. On 3 September, he applied an offer from Team SoloMid and joined the Apex Legends roster. He also finished 2nd at the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament.

TannerSlays said:

“I first heard of TSM from my brother who played League of Legends. Seeing how the Org would treat their players & the family bond it created not only just through the teammates but, through the environment & staff. Hearing the crowd chant “TSM TSM TSM” gives me chills, and I’m extremely proud and happy to work with TSM. To be a part of an org that I have known for years is a real dream come true. Even though I mainly focus on FPS & Battle Royale genre games, I will always love watching the TSM team compete in League of Legends. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at TSM”

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