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Team SoloMid Adds Huni As Their New Top Laner For The League Of Legends Roster



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Heo Seung-hoon, known as “Huni,” is a 23-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who had played for teams like Evil Geniuses, Dignitas, and more. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the events.

After parting ways with Broken Blade who represented the Team SoloMid jersey for over two years, Team SoloMid finally announced that they agreed with Huni for the upcoming season via their official Twitter account.

Furthermore, Huni stated that he is so excited to play under Team SoloMid jersey and said that the new roster is really good. Also, he pointed out that working with Bjergsen who become the head coach of the team will be really exciting for him.

Here is the official announcement from Team SoloMid:

“With a name known across the world, he needs no introduction.

Say hello to our new LCS Top Laner for 2021, Huni.”

Huni said:

“I’m super excited just being on the starting roster. I think it will be really good opportunity for me, the roster seems really really good. Bjergsen move to head coach, I think that’s really really interesting. I almost guarantee that he is gonna be one of the best western coach.”

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