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Team SoloMid Announces New Valorant Coach – Chet Joins



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The North American organization Team SoloMid has been shifting their Valorant roster after not having a great start in 2021, and they started to rebuild their roster by adding Braxton “brax” Pierce as a sixth player.

After a while, Team SoloMid decided to part ways with veteran player Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, and brax has found a seat in the starting roster. However, the changes were not done yet by the organization.

About two days ago, they parted ways with their coach Taylor “Tailored” Broomall, and it was rumored that Team SoloMid would add Chet “Chet” Singh, formerly known as “ImAPet,” to the roster.

Who Is Chet And What He Did Before?

Chet “Chet” Singh is a 24-year-old American former CS:GO coach who had worked as a coach for top-tier teams like NRG Esports, Evil Geniuses, Optic Gaming, and lastly, 100 Thieves.

With NRG Esports, Chet led his team to win Intel Extreme Masters XIII Shanghai, cs_summit 3, Americas Minor Championship Katowice 2019, and Americas Minor Championship Berlin 2019.

After having such results with a young and promising roster, Evil Geniuses signed the NRG roster and they started to pop off in the scene. Starting with the victory at ESL One: New York 2019 against the best team in the world at that time, Astralis.

Furthermore, they won the StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8 against Fnatic, but the results were lacking although they were such individually great players. Because of that, Chet decided to step down from the roster.

In the next month, Chet joined the Australian roster 100 Thieves, but they couldn’t continue in long run and parted ways after three months. In October 2020, he announced his transition to Valorant under NRG jersey.

Here is the official announcement from Team SoloMid:

It’s time for a new age of TSM Valorant. Please welcome Chet to TSM as our new head coach! We’re excited to see how strong he and our roster can become as we set our sights on Masters 3.”

Chet said:

“Excited to announce that I’ve joined Team SoloMid.”

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