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Team SoloMid Announces PUBG Roster Changes



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Team SoloMid is an Esport organization that has been competing for games like CS:GO, League Of Legends, PUBG, Rocket League and many more. On 16 August, Team SoloMid announced that they have signed Omer “Iroh” Develi as a starter player and Dylan “Didz” Didiano as a coach to their PUBG roster.

Iroh said:

“I wanted to go for a good offer if I were to leave my old roster since all my achievements have been with these guys. TSM is definitely that team I want to go for both as a roster and as an organization. I’ve dreamt of playing for such a big org since I was a child playing video games and it feels amazing to have the chance to do it now. I will definitely do my best to represent the team well”

Iroh added:

“So proud and excited to be a part of @TSM I will do my best to represent the team well.”

You can read the tweets below.

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