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Team SoloMid Fortnite Player MackWood Reveals The Key To Success



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Mack Aesoph, known as “MackWood,” is an American Fortnite player who was playing for Complexity Gaming since January 2019. Currently, he has been representing Team SoloMid for over three months. He earned over $50.000 from the tournaments that he played.

MackWood has shared a post on his official Twitter account two days ago and revealed the key to success in this game. He stated that chemistry is one of the most important factors in the game and players shouldn’t change their teammates.

Here is what MackWood wrote:

“Sometimes people forget this game is all about chemistry, don’t switch teammates. Get better together.”

A fan named Craig added this comment:

“You gotta find natural chemistry first… Some players like to ‘be the leader’ whereas others like being told what needs to be done, watching khanada night b4 last he was calling all the shots and was not accepting any counter ideas…”

Another fan named Navi replied:

“Say that to my teammate who dropped me for chemistry.”

You can read his tweet below.

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