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Team SoloMid League Of Legends Player Biofrost Apologizes After The Disappointment In Worlds



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Vincent Wang, known as “Biofrost,” is a 24-year-old Canadian League Of Legends player who has been representing Team SoloMid jersey for over eleven months. In his career, he earned $140.000 from the events.

At the start of September, it became clear that Team SoloMid will be winning the LCS Summer 2020 and heading to the League Of Legends World Championship. However, Team SoloMid player pretty bad in the event and didn’t get any victory in the group stage.

After these devastating results from the North American organization, the support player Biofrost took to this official Twitter account to share his feelings about their performances.

In the tweet, Biofrost stated that this is not the performance they wanted to show and apologized to the community in this way. Even though he feels sorry for their gameplay, Biofrost also said that he is grateful to compete in worlds with the best players in the world.

Here is what Biofrost said:

“Obviously not the result we wanted. I’m sorry for the poor performance. I’m still grateful for the opportunity to play at worlds. The players here are incredible. Thank you to the fans who stuck with us and cheered us on throughout this turbulent year.”

You can read the tweet below.

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