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Team SoloMid League Of Legends Player Huni: “I’m Okay With Playing Passive Champions”



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Heo Seung-hoon, known as “Huni,” is a 23-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing under Team SoloMid jersey for over two months. President, he was playing for Evil Geniuses.

Huni spoke in a recent interview with Dexerto and talked about their poor performances in the first weeks as well as performing great in the last matches while explaining the reason for these performance changes.

In the conversation, Huni stated that they have tried to do too much in the rift and that caused them to lose. After changing their playstyle and trusting themselves, they managed to perform well in the official matches.

Additionally, Huni mentioned that even though these changes made him play passive champions on top lane, he is pretty okay with the situation because he doesn’t need to carry the players like SwordArt and PowerOfEvil.

Here is what Huni said:

“We had a bad Lock-In. We struggled to do a lot of stuff we wanted to do. There was a lot of stuff we wanted to do, play a lot of champs, do certain things, but we weren’t sticking to one thing.We wanted to do too much. The team decided, let’s get this stuff sorted out.

So, we sat down and talked. It was like… well, I’m Huni, we have SwordArt. Tristan ⁠[PowerOfEvil] doesn’t have a champion pool, he has a damn ocean. We know how to play the game, we’ve been doing it for ages. We just had to figure out which way actually worked for us when we played stage.

This does mean that I’m on passive champs but that’s okay with me. I don’t really feel like I need to carry with guys like SwordArt and PowerOfEvil playing too.”

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