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Team SoloMid Member Smak: “I Can’t Wait For This”



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Austin Haggett, known as “Smak,” is a 33-year-old American former PUBG player who was playing for Team SoloMid since May 2018. In September 2018, he retired from the competitive scene and become the member of Team SoloMid.

On 12th January 2020, SmaK leaked a new event for Rainbow Six Siege and said that can’t wait to drink with DarkZero Esports players.

Here is what Smak said:

“I heard there’s a pretty cool Siege event coming up next month. Am I going to meet any of you guys and ladies there?”

DarkZero Esports coach BKN replied:


DarkZero Esports player Hotancold replied:

“Double yes.”

Smak said:

“Can’t wait to share a beer with both of you guys. <3”

You can check the tweets below.

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