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Team SoloMid Part Ways With League Of Legends Player Broken Blade



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Sergen Celik, known as “Broken Blade,” is a 20-year-old German/Turkish League Of Legends player who had been playing under Team SoloMid jersey for over two years. Before that, he was playing for Royal Bandits.

After Bjergsen’s retirement from League Of Legends, Team SoloMid announced another roster changes via their official Twitter account and saddened the fans while saying goodbye to their top laner, Broken Blade.

Furthermore, Broken Blade said that he will never forget things he learned in Team SoloMid and showed his gratefulness to the organization. Also, he thanked everybody who supported him in this journey and bid his farewell to the roster.

Here is the official statement from Team SoloMid:

“Today we bid farewell to Broken Blade.

Thank you bb, for being a part of TSM  and all your hard work, humor, and positivity throughout your time here. We wish you the best on your new team and hope you find the success you deserve!”

Broken Blade wrote:

“I will never forget the things that I learnt being on TSM, I am and will be forever grateful for the experiences that I’ve made. Thank you for anyone who supported me so far and I hope you keep supporting me wherever I go ♥️”

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