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Team SoloMid PUBG Coach dohfOs Unveils The Worst Meta In The Game



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Martin Lundén, known as “dohfOs,” is a 37-year-old Swedish PUBG coach who has been coaching for Team SoloMid since April 2020. Before that, he had worked for teams like Ninjas In Pyjamas and Team Kinguin.

dohfOs has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about the Beryl meta. He stated that this meta is worse and boring meta since you could swim and blue heal. In this way, he wanted a nerf for Beryl.

Here is what dohfOs said:

The Beryl meta in competitive PUBG is probably the most boring meta since swimming and blue healing was a thing.”

A fan named Vale added this comment:

“Is it any worse than the M4 dominating for so long? At the very least, we still see some players sticking with the M4.”

dohfOs replied:

“It is worse yeah. The M4 days (basically the entire 2019) wasn’t great fun either, but it wasn’t as uneven as this Beryl patch.

And the only reason a good player choose M4 over Beryl today is that he got no other choice (didn’t find a Beryl) or they didn’t practice Beryl enough.”

You can read the tweets below.

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