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Team SoloMid PUBG Player BreaK Shares His Thoughts About The Joker



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Gary Marshall, known as “BreaK” is a British PUBG player who has been representing Team SoloMid for two years. On 10 October, he shared his opinion about the new Joker movie. He said that Heath Ledger was amazing but Joaquin Phoenix was unreal.

BreaK said:

“Went to see joker last night. I’m so glad they didn’t PG13 the fuck out of it. Should be an 18 tbh, not 15. It was so fucking good, super dark & grim. One of the best movies I’ve seen for years. 10/10.”

He added:

“And although Heath Ledger was an amazing Joker, Joaquin Phoenix was unreal and took it to the next level. Thought he was the scariest most “joker” version yet, probably because he felt way more real. Absolutely smashed it. Can’t wait to watch it again”

You can check his tweet below.

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