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Team SoloMid Rainbow Six Siege Player Achieved Explains Why The Changes On Jager Are Actually Buffed Him



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Matthew Solomon, known as “Achieved,” is a 22-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Team SoloMid for over eight months. In his career, he earned over $70.000 from the events.

Achieved has shared a new update on his official Twitter account yesterday and revealed why the new changes are good for Jager. As you might remember, Ubisoft decided to make Jager 2 speed 2 armor operator from 3 speed 1 armor.

Achieved stated that this is actually buff for Jager even though most of the community thinks this is a nerf. He explained that Jager will have more survival ability in most scenarios, and he will win the most of the gunfights thanks to the new update.

Here is what Achieved said:

“In my opinion, this is a buff to Jager, sure he might be a tad bit slower but now he is also a tad bit tanker (which will help him in more situations).”

Tempo Storm player Marktheshark replied:

“I agree if anything it would make him better.”

A fan named Chris replied:

“3 speeds already feel almost the same speed as 2 speeds this patch tbh. i wanna test the change before making a formal opinion though.”

Achieved wrote:

“Which is why I think it only helps him, you won’t feel a change in speed really. But he can tank an extra bullet now.”

You can read the tweet below.

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