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Team SoloMid Rainbow Six Siege Player Achieved: “Why Do We Want Every Map To Be Played The Exact Same?”



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Matthew Solomon, known as “Achieved,” is an American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for Team SoloMid since June 2019. Before that, he was playing for Excelerate Gaming. He earned around $70.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, Head Coach of Rogue, Crapelle, has replied to Team Reciprocity player FoxA and shared his thoughts about the maps. Afterward, Achieved replied to Crapelle and stated that he doesn’t understand the people who hate Coastline. Also, he was wondering why do we want every map to be played the exact same.

Here is what FoxA said:

“Coastline > Border. The coastline is exciting and fast-paced, is it perfect? No, but I’d rather have some Red Bull cracked team jump out on me on that map, instead of getting armory or if you want to spice it up getting the triple wall.”

Crapelle replied:

“I mean Coastline is like the only map that is attacker sided, and suddenly everyone wants to get rid of it while crying about the fact that maps are defender sided”

Achieved said:

“I actually don’t understand why everyone hates coastline. Sure you don’t need a hard breach and I believe that is what makes the map interesting. Why do we want every map to be played the exact same?? Why not have some variety in our lives?”

You can read the tweets below.

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