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Team SoloMid Rainbow Six Siege Player Beaulo About The New Ping Feature: “It’s Awful”



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Jason Doty, known as “Beaulo,” is a 19-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under Team SoloMid jersey for over a year. In his career, he earned over $85.000 from the events.

Beaulo took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about one of the newest features that will be in the game with the upcoming operation, Shadow Legacy.

Right now, players only could be able to use yellow ping from their operators’ point of view, and Ubisoft decided to change this feature with the new operation. In the test server, players can use the yellow ping from the drones and cameras right now.

In the tweet, Beaulo pointed out how ridiculous is this feature by saying that enemies won’t be aware while you can ping them constantly. Beaulo stated that Ubisoft should never add this feature in the game and hoped that this feature won’t make it out of the test server.

Here is what Beaulo said:

“New ‘z pinging’ on drones/cams is god awful. I really hope it doesn’t make it out of the TTS. Accurate pings, while the enemy has no idea, is ridiculous. I’m cool with the smart ping for gadgets but the ‘z ping’ is a no-no from me, big dog.

Maybe even disable it for Pro league settings? It really just closes the skill ceiling and doesn’t reward having good comms if you can simply ping a guy that doesn’t know he’s being watched.”

Spacestation Gaming player Rampy replied:

“There’s just no point to even scan enemies anymore because of how broken it is.”

You can read the tweets below.

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