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Team SoloMid Rainbow Six Siege Player Beaulo Can’t Believe To The Ubisoft For Bizarre Reason



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18-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player Jason Doty, known as “Beaulo” started his Rainbow Six Siege career with streaming and sharing his videos on Youtube. On 16 June 2019, he decided to join the Team SoloMid and started his professional career.

On 5 December, after Ubisoft removed the “all chat” that provides you chat with the enemy team, professional players reacted fast, including the Beaulo.

Beaulo said:

“No way someone thought it was a good idea to remove the text chat.”

Natus Vincere player Doki said:

“Opinion on the whole “remove all chat” by Ubisoft: Obviously got some points since i’m an example of toxic conduct. I get why they’re doing it, lets face it there has been a HUGE increase in in game toxicity bans meaning somethings up and ubi are actively looking for a solution”

G2 Esports player Pengu wrote:

“This is absurd, whoever made this change is so out of touch with the community and the game itself, should we uninstall if the game has bugs similarly to you removing the option to speak due to toxicity? We can alrwady optionally mute people and remove chat entirely by choice”

Pengu also said:

“Wait what? Removing all chat entirely???? This is already a client sided feature if you’re not a fan of it plus you can mute individuals on the scoreboard? That’s mad.”

Natus Vincere player CTZN said:

“I mean this is too much lmao, why not just do what OW do and just replace the toxic words with a nice touching sentence. E.g: GGEZ = Good game friends!”

Team Secret coach Helbee said:

“Removing all chat?! They should give players option to turn it off if they want which you can already do with 6 keystroke..”

You can read the tweets below.

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