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Team SoloMid Signs A $210 Million Deal With New Sponsor: FTX



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Team SoloMid is one of the biggest organizations in the esports scene. They have been competing at a high level in many games such as League Of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and many more.

On the other hand, FTX is a Hong-Kong based trading company that is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in the world. From now, these two companies will share the same names in the esports tournaments.

Yesterday, the North American organization announced that they have signed the biggest deal in esports history with a cryptocurrency trading company, FTX, which founded back in 2017, for the naming rights.

According to New York Times, Team SoloMid is getting $210 million to rebrand their name as TSM FTX for a ten-year deal. Unfortunately, Team SoloMid may not use the FTX name in the Riot Games sponsored events in League Of Legends and Valorant.

A new jersey and a name with FTX is a violation of the developer’s guidelines for Riot Games. Even though Riot Games has no problem with this agreement, they will not allow TSM to show the FTX name on the broadcast.

Here is the official announcement from Team SoloMid:

“TSM has landed the biggest deal in esports history! And as a result, we will officially be changing our name to TSM FTX. As reported in the NY Times exclusive, this historic partnership unites 2 industry leaders that will help shape and evolve the future of gaming, crypto, and esports!”

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