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Team SoloMid Valorant Player Subroza Says He Is Dissapointed In His Performance: “We Will Be Back”



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Yassine Taoufik, known as “Subroza,” is a 23-year-old Canadian former CS:GO player who had played for teams like Ghost Gaming, Swole Patrol, and many more. Since May 2020, he has been playing Valorant for Team SoloMid.

In the finals of the First Strike tournament North America, 100 Thieves faced Team SoloMid and managed to reach out to the trophy with giving only one map to Team SoloMid. After losing the final, Subroza took his official Twitter account to share his reaction.

In the post, Subroza admitted that he played poorly in the finals and said that he is disappointed in his performance. Furthermore, he mentioned that this loss won’t stop them from grinding and stated that they will be back on top in near future.

Here is what Subroza said:

“GG WP to 100 Thieves ! We lose 3-1 in the Finals and end 2nd place in the First Strike Major. Dissapointed in my performance but it won’t stop us. We will be back.

Feel like we threw so much post plant situations on Split and shoulda closed that map out. They played better and more composed.”

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