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Team Vitality Benches apEX Due To Personal Reasons



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Dan Madesclaire, known as “apEX,” is a 27-year-old French CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Vitality since October 2018. Before that, he had played for teams like G2 Esports, Team Envy, and more.

Yesterday, Team Vitality’s head coach, Rémy “XTQZZZ” Quoniam, made a statement on Vitality’s official Twitter account and revealed that apEX is benched due to personal reasons.

While the XTQZZZ was mentioned that the coronavirus outbreak impacted the personal lives of the players, he also said that they are hoping to see apEX back as soon as possible. Also, he stated that the entire team will fight and continue as apEX is resting.

Here is what XTQZZZ said:

“Dear supporters, In this year 2021, our team is struggling to reach its full potential, despite an encouraging top 3 in the BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020. Indeed, collective difficulties within the team are currently impacting performance.

In particular, the early season announcements and unjustified accusations have been difficult to take, in addition to the current health context, which is still a burden for us as it is for all of you.

Unfortunately for our captain apEX, personal problems have added to all this. In order to ensure our duty as a club and as a coach to protect our athletes, I have made the decision to give apEX some breathing space during the entire BLAST Premier Spring.”

He continued:

“This period will be extended if necessary, to respect his well-being and to ensure that he comes back refreshed and in full control of his craft. His role within the team is essential and we hope to see him back with us at his best as soon as possible. Dan, rest assured that we will be giving everything we have until you return.

Producing the highest level of play is an everyday struggle for all our athletes and the staff around them. Such an announcement may come as a surprise as the season has only just begun, but the efforts made over many years, the ongoing global pandemic and the hazards of personal life are all factors that can cause difficulties to arise at any time in an athlete’s career.

Despite this temporary complication, we guarantee that the entire team will continue to fight tirelessly. We will also continue to innovate and work to find solutions to enable our athletes to evolve in an optimal physical and mental environment that is ever more conducive to maximum performance. There is no giving in, ever.”

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